Harvest Years

by A Cold Dead Body

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released by Slow Burn Records [RU] - digipack CD


released December 16, 2010

mixed by Enrico Berto at Mushroom Studio [IT]
mastered by James Plotkin [US]
artwork by Lorenzo Cercelletta

Harvest Years has been recorded by:

Stefano Casanova - Voice, synth, horn, lyrics
Lorenzo Cercelletta - Guitar, backing voice
Cristiano Perin - Guitar, pads
Chantal "Shizu" Fresco - Drums, percussions
Max D'Ospina - Bass guitar
Lucia Violetta Gasti - Violin, voice



all rights reserved


A Cold Dead Body Udine, Italy

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Track Name: Semen
We are slow
but always near,
moving to the next brighter star.
Track Name: The Womb
I eat my own shit to survive
in this landscape of feelings
bred by one lie.
Inside ourselves, inside ourselves,
in our veins, in our minds.

The eye above the situations:
what to see is technology,
let's fuck with robots!
the machines...
Let's pray the new God!
Let's feel the new slavery..
We cry through webcams,
we live through cables,
our bodies are just pornography.

Let's fuck the robots!
Let's fuck with machines!
Let's pray the new God!
Let's feel the new slavery..
We cry through webcams,
we live through cables,
our thoughts are just illusions to survive.

(Feed us through your womb..)

Days are all based on drugs
we don't know how to avoid,
'cause we cannot estimate
the danger we need to survive!
All the crimes we have done,
all the knives that we have owned,
all the lives that we have spent,
choosing a way to escape..

To the Everything lying above us:
"Feed us through Your Womb!".
Track Name: Madre pt.1
(She gives)
Track Name: Our best years
I will break these chains
to find a place to cry.
I would bring the ocean with me
and together we will sink,
with our best years.

We'll always be guilty.
We'll always be there.
Track Name: The chosen ones
Until the desert grows
and burns the earth with care,
until the worms had lost
their smelly comfort,
our bodies won't turn sane,
our minds won't feel the pain,
but our fear is flying unconsciously
through our empty smiles.

(What we need is a Weapon, to escape)

Escape right now
from the womb they've built
for your comfort..
We are the victims.
We have just to react:
"be our hero!"
What we need is a weapon,
what we need is a meaning,
what we deserve is a chance to escape.

We are just prisoners.
There we are,
there they are:
just prisoners.
Track Name: Madre pt.2
(She takes away)
Track Name: Collapse
We've never thought that every
illusion would become our cradle.

We've never thought that every
movement would become
part of the eternal motion.

Signs of the great collapse.
Signs of the greatest end.
Track Name: Zero
I can See
my portrait
emerging from the sea.
It hides
its non-sense
with old and well drawn shapes.

I'm like the one who can't go on,
even if this drawing's so lively.
I can't get out and tell everyone
that i begin to feel those shapes too real.

I'll Sink:
my body would
feel in harmony.
I've chosen
the Zero
to draw this empty soul.

I missed the chance to understand
if there was any sense in what i see;
to preserve myself from death
I just pretend that everything was real.

Be my illusion
to begin my conversion..

..into Zero:
creating endless shapes.
I feel clear,
I feel in harmony...

(Becoming zero. Fading into nothing.)
Track Name: Divinity
Through the ocean,
upon the sky,
through the air,
straight to the bones,
there's a sound that we can't hear,
there's a thing that we won't hold,
an invisible color...

Concentrate on the shape
of your own Belief.
Concentrate on the sense
of The Infinity.
And don't forget the pain.

Follow me. Follow me,
we are moving to the next brighter star
Follow me, upon the sky,
we are moving to the next brighter star...

Stars, they shine brighter,